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Plastic mulched beds 18 to 24 inches wide are commonly used for farm watermelon production. Mulched beds are spaced about 8 feet apart. Plants are spaced a foot apart at the top center of each bed. About 20,000 watermelons can be harvested per acre using this method. Drip irrigation is commonly used for watering; two lines, one each side placed under the plastic mulch. A variety of diseases including Fusarium Wilt and Downy Mildew are common with field mulch growing.


Plant leaves grow high and dry above ground moisture mitigating many of the diseases common to field watermelons. Plants are planted within a trench created around a patented irrigator. The irrigator disperses liquid and nutrient equally to the plants ensuring balanced growth. The plants vine and grow on top of a proprietary plastic barrier within and covering the trench. The plastic barrier stops weed growth, inhibits evaporation and attracts heat, which accelerates fruit maturation.

A watermelon Crop Circle growing watermelon improves the size, quantity and quality of watermelons. Crop Circles grow bigger, better watermelon.

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Watermelon Crop Circles

Watermelon Crop Circles grow 50 plants. Red "seedless" varieties are preferred due to high market value, popularity with consumers, size and taste.

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We harvested 238 “seedless variety” watermelons from 50 plants at harvest. Each grew double the size (about 15 pounds) compared to field grown watermelons. We kept a few for ourselves and sold the rest for $2,380.