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Farm Spinach

Farm spinach production has almost become entirely mechanized. Large fields are cultivated using a trench irrigation system, which saves labor. Unfortunately, disease and the spread of bio-infectious materials are a common problem. Large growers and exporters regularly deal with product recalls several times a year.


Growing spinach with Crop Circles in circular rows around a central irrigator creates a clean growing environment for plants. Plants are watered and fertilized under each of the canopies leaving leaves untouched, particularly by animal fertilizers where the potential for pathogen development may exist.

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Spinach Crop Circles grow 482 bunches. Bloomsdale is the preferred bunch variety because of its rapid growth and consumer popularity. Bunches mature in less time creating the potential for several planting cycles and harvests in a single season, particularly in regions with cool climates.

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FARM Harvest

Farm harvest totaled 482 Bloomsadle bunches (losing some to spoilage) in 45 days and sold them locally for $3.00 a piece for a total profit of $1,446. Repeated plantings gave us profit of just over $4,000 over 5 months. Each bunch measured 12 inches diameter at the top and 12 inches tall, on average.