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Farm bell peppers are grown in the greenhouse and field. Greenhouse bells are more susceptible to waterborne diseases, while field bells are damaged more by insects. Whatever the growing environment, plants tend to weaken in these growing environments. A weak plant will produce fewer fruit. Quality and appearance will suffer as well.  


Growing peppers in concentric circles within a feeding trench optimizes quality and yield. The trench allows for high-density planting and a bigger harvest per square foot. Crop Circles grow all types of hot and sweet peppers. A consistent dispersal of liquid and nutrient from the irrigator positioned at the center quickly feeds plants at the top of each root system so they can focus their energy on pepper production instead of root growth.

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We set up 3 bell pepper Crop Circles with 482 plants in each that produced an average of 15 peppers per plant. Typically, green fetch a lower price than colored. This is because colored peppers (yellow, orange and red) are generally sweeter, however there are varieties that are sweet green. Sweet green varieties are also firmer, have less webbing and seeds, which are preferred for stuffing.  Our sweet greens also grew much larger than those typically found in supermarkets; sometimes growing to a pound or more.  

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Farm harvest totalled 7,230 green bell peppers. A second circle produced 7,000 Yellow bells and third grew 6,800 red. The greens sold for 3,000, the yellows $5,800 and the reds $7,800.