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Field Pea

The field pea are sown and grown in rows on commercial farms spaced a distance from one another to accommodate mechanical harvesters called vine lifters. Plants are typically irrigated between rows. Field pea varieties are sensitive to heat stress at flowering, which can reduce pod and seed set. They are also susceptible to several types of blights, rots and mildews with powdery mildew the most common impacting seed yield, seed weight and seed size.  

Growing Peas With Farm Crop Circles

Growing peas with Crop Circles mitigate many of the problems associated with growing peas in a field or garden. Plants are watered underneath the leaf canopy creating a leaf dry environment that significantly lessens the chance for the development of waterborne diseases like blights and mildews. Both long and short vine varieties can be grown without the need for trellising. Quartered seedbeds are patterned within our proprietary weed barrier for planting. As plants grow they merge into one another to create a half donut shaped "green" hedge.

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Pea Crop Circles

Pea Crop Circles grow 9,000 pea plants. Green Arrow is the preferred pea variety because of its sweet taste and superior production. No trellis is required.

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We decided on 2 plantings; one in the spring and the another in the fall. We planted short vine varieties in each quarter of each circle and harvested over 1,000 pounds.