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Commercial ONION FARMS

Onion cultivation occurs between disked furrows in large open fields, which are irrigated by periodically flooding the furrows, which requires a significant amount of water. On average, about 30% of a market crop is lost to disease and defects.   


A proprietary weed barrier configured with openings is laid out over an earthen trench around the center of the circle. Sets are planted in each opening. Each opening is small enough to inhibit weed growth but large enough for onion bulbs to form and grow on top of the barrier.

Growing onions with Crop Circles grow a bigger, better onion. Crop Circle farmers grow Crop Circle onions earning thousands of dollars per acre.

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Crop Circle onions grow faster and larger than most market onions due to regular feedings from the center of the circle. Approximately 1,300 onions are planted in each circle. Walla Walla is the preferred onion variety because of its size and popularity. Typically, a Walla Walla onion requires 120 days to mature but they will mature in half the time creating the potential to double the profit from a second planting the same season.

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Onion Harvest

We harvested 430 one and ½ pound Walla Walla onion 90 days after transplant. Our second harvest was slightly smaller, weighing about a pound. We recieved $2.00 for the first harvest onions and $1.00 for each from the second for a total seasonal profit of $1,290.