Growing Lettuce

Crop Circle farmers earn thousands per acre growing lettuce

Field Production Lettuce

A whole host of problems have developed the last decade for field production lettuce including listeria and e-coli to name a few. Most of these probelems are caused primarily by intensive in-field cultivation methods.


Growing lettuce with Crop Circles reduce risk of disease. Feeding plants with liquid and nutrient underneath the plant canopy from the center inhibits the potential for pathogen development. Plants race and grow tall competing for sunlight instead of nutrient. With a consistent and predictable water supply, plants put their energy into growing tops instead of root.  

crop circle lettuce crop circles


All varieties grow well, however Romaine is the preferred Crop Circle Lettuce because of its rapid, vertical growth and consumer popularity. It matures in less time so circles can be replanted and harvested many times in a single season.

harvesting lettuce


Romaine grew to just over 2 feet tall and about 1 foot wide. We harvested 450 heads (losing some to spoilage) from one Crop Circle after 60 days. They were sold locally for $5.00 a piece for a total profit of $2,250. Repeated plantings gave us profit of $8,100 over 6 months.