Growing Flowers

Crop Circle farmers earn thousands growing medicinal, herbal, edible and fresh cut flowers

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers play an unique role in our lives, both in celebration and in sorrow. Unlike most other horticultural crops, demand for them is often related to fashion trends. A growing multicultural population has seen an increase in their popularity outside of the traditional peaks of Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas. For other festive occasions like Chinese New Year and Orthodox Easter, they are used extensively. Growing flowers on a commercial scale however is not as straightforward as it may seem. Damage from a variety of diseases and damage from insects can spread quickly from flower to flower in large mono crop areas of a farm. Chemical treatments are expensive and lessen the beauty of the product.


Growing flowers with a Crop Circles eliminates most, if not all of the problems associated with a field and greenhouse grown flower. Harvest and revenue occurs much earlier compared to a field and greenhouse flower. All varieties are suitable including medicinal, herbal, edible and fresh cut.

crop circle crop circle flowers

Flower Crop Circles

Flower Crop Circles grow all varieties including fresh cut, pollination, display and eating. Sunflowers are an excellent choice for bees and market.

picking flowers


We grew 2 circles; one for bees and the other for eating. The first circle displayed hundreds of Teddy Bear sunflowers, which attracted thousands of honeybees for pollination and hive honey. The second circle grew "Russian Giant" sunflower for eating.