Growing Eggplant

improve eggplant quantity and quality growing eggplant with Crop Circles

Farm Eggplant

Farm eggplant typically suffer from stressful growing conditions caused by insufficient moisture, excessive moisture, insufficient availability of plant nutrients, or adverse temperatures. Stress results in poor plant growth and reduced yields. A characteristic known as Fasciation, a flattening of the fruit resulting in little if any market value is also a result of plant stress. Field eggplants are also susceptible to a number of diseases including root knot, leaf curl and stem blight.


Growing eggplant with Crop Circles reduces if not completely eliminates most of the diseases common to field eggplant.

An adequate liquid and nutrient supply minimizes plant stress. Combined with a proprietary plastic covered trench configured around the central irrigator, fruit set and growth are optimized. Fruit quality and yields are also improved compared to field grown eggplant.

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Eggplant Crop Circles

Eggplant Crop Circles grow 482 eggplants. Fingerling is the preferred variety because of its prolific production and consumer popularity. Eggplant grow best in a hot, long season climate.

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Eggplant HARVEST

We harvested 48,000 Fingerling eggplants and sold them locally for $3.00 a box (each box contained approximately 15 eggplants and weighed 1 pound) for a total profit of $9,600.