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Corn is the number one vegetable crop grown worldwide. Only 10% is grown for the fresh market; the rest is grown for animal feed. Plants are heavy feeders and require regular fertilization and watering, which can be a problem for both farm and market growers. Fertilizer applications can be a challenge due to limited space between rows. Although overhead irrigation is the preferred method of watering, it is by far the most wasteful use of water.  


Growing corn with Crop Circles has many advantages compared to growing in rows. Circular rows spaced around a central irrigator create a circle shaped plant structure that will stand up to strong winds avoiding blow down; a common problem with rows.  

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Corn Crop Circles

Corn Crop Circles grow 363 plants. Sowing 3 seeds in each opening ensures that 1 or 2 will germinate. After germination, we grew an average of 500 plants. Super Sweet Mirai 350 BC is the preferred variety for freezing whole or niblets. With proper pollination, three cobs form on each stalk to produce 1,500 cobs per circle.

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Farm Harvest

We planted three 30-foot Crop Circles 3 weeks apart so we could have a farm harvest of sweet for both eating and freezing during the entire season. We harvested about 1,200 cobs from each and froze 70 five-pound bags of niblets.