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Beet Farms

Beet farms typically grow “Sugar Beets” for massive distilleries that convert beetroot to sugar leaving waste pulp. Although geneticists have increased the sugar content by 4 times, the pulp remains an environmental problem, particularly with respect to ground water. Small farms grow for the consumer market with many varieties grown both for pickling and the table. Pickling varieties bring in the most cash due to their size.


Flood irrigation is the preferred watering method for growing beets with Crop Circles. A proprietary weed barrier with 2.5-inch openings spaced 6 inches on center arranged in concentric circles is laid within the trench. Planting 2 or more seeds in each opening ensures that at least one will germinate. It is recommended that plants be thinned so only one grows in each opening. Placing our proprietary germination cloth on top of the proprietary weed barrier so each of the openings are covered will cut germination time in half and prevent birds from eating plants and/or seeds. Placing the patented irrigator on top of the germination cloth at the center of the circle ensures an even distribution of water and nutrient to plants. A standard spray nozzle should be used until the plants are at least 2 inches tall after which, the germination cloth may be removed. The spray nozzle should be replaced with our flood nozzle once the germination cloth is removed to flood irrigate the plants.

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Beet Crop Circles have 1,350 openings for plants. Cylindra is the preferred variety for pickling and bring in the most cash due to their weight and elongated size. Years ago, Detroit Dark Red was preferred for pickling, however, the new variety is proving to be more popular and profitable. Cylindra grows much like a carrot; long and narrow but unlike a carrot it is considerably wider and heavier. A perfect Cylindra pickler is 12 inches long and 2 to 3 inches wide and can weigh more than 3 times that of a Detroit Dark Red.

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We took in 1,350 beautiful dark red Cylindras at first harvest each weighing an average of 3 pounds. The circle was replanted the next day we reaped a second harvest 72 days after that. We harvested 2,500 Cylindras (we kept a few for canning) in total, which were sold for $7,500.