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Bean Cultivation

Bean cultivation has not changed in over a hundred years. Beans are grown in rows primarily for mechanical harvesters. Although plant breeders have created bean varieties that improve yields, agribusiness cultivation wastes valuable resources such as water.

Crop Circles Grow Beans

Crop Circles grow beans in concentric circles spaced a distance from one another around a patented irrigation device. An earthen trench is created to flood irrigate plants periodically. A plastic barrier placed within the trench prevents evaporation and weed growth. An amount of liquid and nutrient dispersed among the plants promotes even growth and significantly increases pod production.

Crop Circle farmers growing beans earn thousands per acre growing beans with a bean Crop Circle. There are nine Crop Circles growing beans per acre.

crop circle bean crop circles

Bean Crop Circle

There are 1,300 openings for bean plants in a bean Crop Circle weed barrier. Several seeds are sown in each opening to ensure that at least 3 plants germinate and grow in each opening. Bush varieties are generally more productive than pole and better sellers; people prefer the bush variety because they are sweeter. Stringless are preferred by chefs for their quality and melt in your mouth sweet taste and sell at a premium price.

harvesting beans


On average, 3 plants produced 300 pods and a total of 390,000 bean pods per circle. We packaged them in bean bags that weigh a pound each (it took about 300 beans to make a pound). We sold our 1,300 one pound bags locally for $3 a piece for a total profit of $3,900.