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Patented and trademarked in over 40 countries, Crop Circles is a “climate ready” food growing technology set to disrupt global agriculture. The current global food system is one of the most significant contributors to climate change, loss of biodiversity, pollution and water shortages as well as preventable disease and poverty. Crop Circles use half the water, less land and grow twice the food in half the time in any climate, anywhere.


Over a thousand plants can be grown in a 30-foot circle. Plants germinate in half the time and grow quickly under our patented germination cloth. Crop Circles can be replanted; cycled several times a season depending on the crop and length of season. Water dispersed underneath the plant canopy from the center of the Crop Circle virtually eliminates many of the waterborne diseases common with above spray agriculture and plants grow evenly creating bountiful balanced beautiful harvests.  Crop Circle technology is entirely scalable; from one to several thousand if needed.


Unlike typical farming methods in practice today, Crop Circles use spot applications of water, soil and fertilizers saving precious resources, time and money.  

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One or more Crop Circles create a farm.

One Crop Circle is perfect for an urban farm or community garden. A dozen or more Crop Circles will grow plenty of produce for a farm market.

A few acres of Crop Circles have the potential to earn millions and feed thousands.

A Crop Circle farm generates more income per acre than conventional field farming.  Labor costs are low, weeding is virtually non-existent, and plants are healthier and more productive.  

Crop Circle plants germinate quickly and grow at an accelerated rate. Continued plantings after harvest can double or triple seasonal profits.

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Crop Circles use half the water, less land and grow twice the food in half the time in any climate, anywhere.

Become A Crop Circle Farmer

This is an excellent business opportunity created especially for food entrepreneurs to help them earn a significant income from small parcels of land. Crop Circle farmers will be granted a protected territory giving them every opportunity to expand and grow their business year after year. Ideal for urban farms.  

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Crop Circles can turn even the smallest farm into a profitable venture.

We specialize in bringing people together to participate in farm projects; small and large. A farm project can be located anywhere in the world providing there is a profitable market for the produce.

A company will be created for each farm project and structured as a joint venture. Typically, one or more participants will make a capital contribution to procure land and assets to build the farm. We will provide Crop Circle technology for the project and manage all aspects of land purchases, rentals or leases, site construction and management. A farm management team will be added to handle day-to-day operations and sales.

Several exit strategies may be entertained including:

    • Applying for organic certification immediately after purchase and then sell the farm at a significant profit 2 or 3 years after purchase
    • Renewing the option to keep the farm for revenue
    • Expand the farm to increase revenue
    • Creating a publically traded company and vend the farm in as an asset

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We receive many inquiries for help with third world farm projects. Most are from NGO’s but some are from individuals that just want to help. Contact us if you are interested in lending a hand. Donations always help, but there is a need for labor and expertise as well. Perhaps you would like to donate your time and help install a Crop Circle farm halfway across the world where it is needed most or offer your experience in some other way.

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The last farm in vegas™

Unless something is done and soon, jobs will be lost, food prices will rise and valuable water resources will continue to disappear. We intend to build a Crop Circles farm in the heart of Vegas to demonstrate this patented water saving technology to the world.

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